What are our values

  • Work in partnership

We want to ensure collaboration between partygoers and youth, club owners and party organizers, community organizations, health NGO’s, administrations, policymakers and founders, to increase participation and develop partnerships.

  • Take a community development perspective

Nightlife is a creative outlet for people talented in music, the arts and entertainment. It can also be a demonstration of enterprise, management skill and organisational abilities. These skills, talents and qualities should be recognised and supported, to enable them to be achieved safely and positively.

  • Promote a positive vision of nightlife

Some aspects of nightlife offer young Europeans a sense of belonging and identity, and an opportunity for integration.A vivid and manifold offer for parties contributes to make a city attractive. A quality Nightlife can enhance commerce, tourism and development and give a positive image of a city or region.

  • Be realistic about the context

We recognise that many people choose to enhance their experience of nightlife through using legal and illegal drugs and taking risks. Our aim is to enhance young people and revellers’ enjoyment and social experience by improving settings which helps them stay safe and make healthier choices.

  • Promote health

Based on the definition of the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion, we want to promote health as a process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health.