How to join?

The Party+ association brings together European non-governmental and non-profit organisations as well as local/regional/national authorities, night clubs and party organisations with the socio-cultural aims of improving nightlife settings and promoting health through community empowerment by implementing and enhancing quality Labels and Charters for nightlife venues.

If you are interested in integrating the PARTY + Network, please contact one of us or download the Membership application form. If interested, you can also download the Articles of Association.

  • Associate members are European non-governmental and non-profit organizations, local/regional/national authorities, night clubs and party organisations supporting the Party+ Association.
  • Full members are safer party Labels or Charters established in cities, regions or at national level. Full members have the right to vote at General Assemblies and are eligible to be members of the Executive Committee. 

To subscribe to the network, it is necessary to be a legal entity acknowledged in your country and to share our values It allows you to benefit from:

  • Practice and tools exchange sharing with the other members ;

  • International promotion and recognition ;

  • The use of the European PARTY + logo ;

  • All our communication tools ;

  • Tourist information referencing.