Fêtez Clairs


In order to reduce drug-related problems and other risky behaviours among recreational settings in Paris, the city and the Préfecture of Paris have been leading and financing since 2003 an integrated partnership gathering health and security institutions, harm reduction and cultural associations, a peer group, nightlife unions, medias as well as nightlife venues and party organisers.

The Fêtez Clairs specific objectives are:

  • Improving safer recreational settings by supporting the nightlife stakeholders (party organisers, club owners and staffs) in facing health and security damages due to clubbers' risky behaviours. This objective is developed in the framework of the Fêtez Clairs charter signed in 2007 by the Mayor and the Préfet of Paris and 18 nightlife venues or party organizers. The charter process includes club staff training.
  • Raising awareness of the partygoers and increase their capacity to reduce harms linked to their party practices through harm reduction leaflets production and Intervention of the outreach workers during parties.

Download the Fêtez Clairs Charter in english.

Website: http://www.fetez-clairs.org/

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